So what do osteopaths treat?
Osteopaths treat all areas of the body from head to toe. We generally focus on the musculo-skeletal structures in the body, such as the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. For a full list of areas and complaints that we treat please follow this link to the treatment page.


What can I expect from an Osteopathic consultation/ treatment?
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment as you may need to fill in a form with your relevant details.


When you visit Bingham Osteopathic Clinic you will undergo a full musculo-skeletal health check. The consultation starts with an in depth history into when the pain started, what type of pain you’re in, where the symptoms are located etc.


We are also interested in any medical problems and procedures you have had or are having as these may have an important affect on your symptoms. Once we have narrowed down the likely causes of your pain we will examine you.


At this stage we generally ask patients to dress down to a level they are comfortable to, certain areas may be more or less important depending on your symptoms. Examination consists of standing looking at your spine/ area of complaint, asking you to move to look at joints with movement and finally examination of the joint movement where we move your joints for you. Being primary healthcare practitioners it may also be a appropriate to check your blood pressure, listen to your chest or carry out nerve tests as this may not have been checked already.


Once we have made an appropriate diagnosis of your symptoms we would treat the area with the required techniques to improve your symptoms.


What treatment might I expect at Bingham Osteopathic Clinic?
I use a combination approach to treatment, avoiding the reliance on one form of technique. The techniques I use are:


For a more in-depth description of what these techniques are please follow the link to the treatment page. All treatments are used with consent of the patient first and should you wish me not to use a technique please do let me know.


What should I bring with me to a treatment?
There is nothing that you need bring to a treatment, however if there are a few items which may aid you or me with the overall outcome:


How long does a consultation/ treatment last?
The initial consultation and treatment is 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your presentation, any follow-up treatments are up to 30 minutes. Duration of treatment is to be decided by the practitioner.


How much does a treatment cost?
There is no increased charge for a first consultation therefore I hold a flat rate of £37.00 per consultation/treatment. Payment can be made by cheque to Bingham Osteopathic Clinic or cash, or during shop hours by credit/debit card.


How many treatments will I need?
This is completely dependant on your presenting symptoms; however, it is correct to say that my focus is to get you better in as few treatments as possible. For more details please call 01949 839 238.


Do you accept individuals with medical insurance?
Currently all major insurance companies are accepted, all except BUPA. Please check with your insurer.


Don’t wait to call
We’re always interested to hear from you even its just for advice so please don’t go on wondering- just ask.


Tristan Hill B.Ost