About us

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Tristan Hill and I’m the osteopath practicing at the Bingham Osteopathic Clinic. Osteopathy is a medical profession that many have heard of, but a relative few have had first hand experience with. Before I talk about osteopathy in the present, let me fill you in on its past.

Osteopathy was founded in America in 1874 by Dr Andrew Taylor Still, a frontier doctor. Medicine was very much in its infancy, drugs were ineffective and if you were lucky enough to survive surgery without anaesthetic then you often died of an infection.

As time went on Dr Still followed a different path from many of his peers avoiding alcohol and administering crude drugs. This drove him to seek new methods of treatment. The outcome of his research was application of physical treatment as a specialised form of treatment for which he coined the term ‘Osteopathy’. In 1892 Dr Still organised a school in Missouri, for the teaching of osteopathy and it was from these small beginnings that osteopathy was brought to the United Kingdom. The first school of osteopathy was set up in London in 1917, the British School of Osteopathy, and this is where I completed my training.

In 1998 every osteopath who wished to be known as an osteopath had to join the statutory register. The register was established by the General Osteopathic Council to maintain standards in the profession, and therefore increase public safety.

Well, what can you expect on a visit to Bingham Osteopathic Clinic?

The first consultation can last up to an hour, and I’ll start by taking a full medical history from you. Once I’ve established some possible causes of your symptoms I will take you through some simple movements and then assess your joints whilst you sit or lay down. This should further clarify key areas specific to your complaint, which will then be explained to you. If it is then suitable to do so I will treat the areas using massage, joint movement and when necessary may manipulate problem areas. At the close of treatment I feel it very important to put some emphasis of control in the patients hands, and often give exercises to promote further healing.


What we offer

Professional and honest treatment and advice.
A patient led experience with a focus on your individual complaint.
A thorough knowledge base of all areas of the body and types of injury.
Confidentiality in all areas.
A good relationship with your local general practitioner (GP).
No pushy sales pitches with a treatment aim to get you better quickly.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to make an appointment please e-mail me or telephone  01949 839 238